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Many Activities were held in SVBG the summer of 2016

March - The Garden Ladies began to meet each Wednesday mornings to do different projects trimming roses, weeding Perogla, preparing 

               Childrens Garden, Trimming Birch Trees etc. Nancy Bane, Andrea Burke, Dawn Bruno, Donna Campagna, Jeanne Durham

April - continued to work on roses, buttefly garden at sculpture etc


May - cleaned and planted entrance bed, therapy bed, etc.

May 19 - SWCD Annual Youth Conservation Camp Volunteers—Laverne Fuller, Irene Dunn, Terri Panaro,

                 Bettie Irby, Joan Whitt, Peggy Burton, Donna Campagna, Linda Singer, Bill McCaleb


June 8 - Student Classes for K-5 students 12 participants Animal habitat & Food David- Compton, Childrens Garden-Bettie Irby, Native American        Garden- Shaw, Games- Dianne King volunteers Laverne Fuller, Jean Bainbridge, Jeanne Durham, Aundrea Burke, Nancy Bane

June 22 - Student Classes for K-5 students 12 partcipants Trees- Janice Aulisio, Bugs- Mary Helen Stafford, Native American Garden- Dan Shaw, Games- Dianne King, Volunteers Laverne Fuller, Bettie Irby, Nancy Bane, Andrea Burke, Brenda McDannald, Donna Campagna

June 29 & 30 - Planted Hydrenia – Nancy Bane, Andrea Burke, Dean Payne, Student Interns- Jonathan Carrington, Chris Crews, Timothy Hailey, John Hailey

July 13 – Weeded Day Lily Bed – Brenda McDannald, Irene Dunn, Dean Payne, Lori Mitchum-Burns, Betti Irby, Andrea Burke, Nancy Bane

July 13, 14, 20, 27 - Worked on Elizabeth’s Garden with the help of: Chris Crews, Jonathan Carrington, Timothy Hailey, John Hailey, David Dawson, Tekoa Carrington, Paul Damiano, Dianne King, Randy King, Bill van Opstal, Will van Opstal, Tyler van Opstal, Samantha van Opstal, Brenda McDannald, Andrea Burke, Nancy Bane

August 3 - South Boston YMCA Summer Camp Students & Students K-5 – 20 participants - Classes- Native Animals- Laverne Fuller, Jonathan Carrington – Native Vegetables & Plants – Bettie Irby & Dean Payne – Vermaculture – Terri Panaro, Native American Gardens- Dan Shaw, Games- Jonathan Carrington & John Hailey, Volunteers –Joan Whitt, Andrea Burke, Nancy Bane, Donna Campagna

August - Wednesday Workdays

September 7 & 8  - 4-H Fourth Grade Field Days

October 12 - Planted Pansies at Entrance Bed Andrea Burke

October 17 - Measured Habitat & Pollinator Meadow – Jean Bainbridge, David Compton

October 18 - Prepared Habitat & Pollinator Meadow for spring planting - Mac Mcdannald, Brenda Mcdannald

October 19 - Prepared Childrens Garden for winter Nancy Bane, Andrea Burke

October 26 –Planted Willow Trees- Jean Bainbridge, Horticulture Students High School

December 14  - Placed Christmas Wreath on SVBG Garden Gate Nancy Bane

Southern Virginia Botanical Gardens & Environmental Education Center

                   3170 Dan River Church Rd, South Boston, VA 24592



SVBG Wednesday Classes in the Garden

Southern Virginia Botanical Gardens are sponsoring Classes for Students grades K-2 and 3-5.

They will start at 9:30am until 11:30am and will be limited to 10 students each. SVBG members will be free nonmembers will be $5.00.  Contact Agnes Gregory at, call 434-476-5370 or website  Memberships are available

June 8, 2016

Classes                                       Teacher

Animal Habitat & Food         David Compton

Children’s Garden                  Bettie Irby

Medicine Wheel                    Dan Shaw                                                                                        



June 22

Trees                                       Janice Aulisio

Bugs                                        Mary Helen Stafford

Medicine Wheel                   Dan Shaw

Refreshments /Games


Soil                                          Agnes Gregory

Worms                                   Terri Panaro

Medicine Wheel                   Dan Shaw


July 27

Native Animals                     Linda Singer

Native Plants                        Brenda McDannald

Medicine Wheel                  Dan Shaw


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