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Bright colorful plants not just for December

William McCaleb | Master Gardener Coordinator   G-V Dec 19, 2016

One of the biggest selling plants this time of year is the poinsettia.  The big question is what to do with that beautiful poinsettia after Christmas? 

How the poinsettia became a staple plant of Christmas season


One of the biggest selling plants in November and December is the poinsettia. Have you ever wondered how it became such an icon for the Christmas Season? What are the origins of this unusual plant?

Let’s do our part for the monarch butterflies
William H. McCaleb | Virginia Cooperative Extenson  G-V  Sept. 7, 2016
You may or may not be aware of the efforts being made to save many of our pollinators here in Virginia. No doubt, you have read about the losses of pollinators such as honey bees and some of our native bees due to pathogens, and even some say “climate change.
Master Gardeners publish cookbook
Special to The Gazette Aug 12, 2016
The Southside Master Gardener Association has recently published a new cookbook with over 450 recipes.
‘Critter’ causing problems for gardeners
​WILLIAM H. MCCALEB | Special to the Gazette  Au8. 8 2016

About this time of year, the region starts seeing damage to tomatoes, potatoes and especially corn.

Much of this insect damage can be contributed to one little “critter” — the corn earworm or Helicoverpa zea.

Wildflower presentation planned
Special to The Gazette  Aug. 8, 2016
The Southside Master Gardener Association will present “Wildflowers of Southside Virginia” at the South Boston-Halifax County Museum from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Aug. 19.
Become a garden recycler
By William McCaleb Master Gardener Coordinator Mar.31,2016
Here are some creative things that will help build soil structure and health, and it will even repel some pathogens. To improve garden soils, instead of just buying additives for the soil, why not use discarded wastes and materials from the kitchen and landscape, reducing both cost and waste that would normally go to the landfill.
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