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Video spotlights botanical gardens

Kathy Millar G-V Jan 4, 2017

This drone video is well-done, filled with rich images, colors and scenes that bring hundreds of visitors to the 15-acre site throughout the year. Watch the video here.











June 19-23, 2017


Soil & Water Conservation Board annual Watershed Adventure Camp

This weeklong, day-camp, is for currently enrolled 4th and 5th graders and provides hands-on learning activities covering an array of environmental education topics. 

In May "The Man in the Maze" was moved to its permanent home at the center of the labyrinth - designed and created by more of Jonathon's students.

                          Click image for larger size

July 6 - After three years of work the brick sidewalk, therapy garden and now the learning garden are all complete and ready for use.

Ashley Hodge April 27, 2017

High school ag department wins grant
Special to The Gazette Mar 24, 2017

   As part of the National FFA Week Grant program, Halifax County High School agriculture department won a $400 grant to support their ongoing efforts at the Southern Virginia Botanical Gardens and Environmental Education Center.

Gate Raffle brings in over $900 this year.


Students create another masterpiece for this year's benefit for gardens.

Click image for larger size

July 19, 2017 the Hill City Master Gardener Association from Lynchburg tour the gardens and some participate in a smudging ceremony at the Medicine Wheel.

Our guests were given a complete history of the gardens, current and future projects, and ending with a good exchange of grant opportunities.

 Wednesday's Fun in the Gardens July 26 classes:  Terri Panaro - Worms

  Mary Helen Stafford  - Bugs

11 students, 6   Volunteers,  4 Interns

2017 Interns - Hannah Ward, Megan Martin, Timothy Hailey, Jonathan Carrington, John Hailey, Chris Crews

The Children's Teaching Garden

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